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CNC machine can manufacture the final sample with raw materials, such as ABS,PC, PA, Metal and so on, the advantage of CNC machine is high processing speed and good surface quality. After spray paint, silk paint and electro plating,It can meet the demands of different customer requirement.

It is through carrying that( CNC numerical control equipment processes the prototype )CNC machine produces through 3D data programming and processing the material,such as ABS, PMMA, nylon ,etc.finally getting the parts , Especially for large products, it can directly implement the features, Wide range of applications.

Max Speed 24000rpm MaxSize 1500mm*800MM*450MM
Thick layer of minimum 0.5mm Equipemnt CNC machine center
Date 2hour~2day Meterial Aluminum, brass, steel
Tolerance +/-.005 + .001/mm Quantity 22
Precision ±0.05mm Surface finish Polish?sand blast?spray paint?silk-paint?UV?electroplate



1,Machined parts have a superior surface finish and are able to be polished.

2,Parts can be made from the end use material with similar properties eg; Clear or high tensile strength. (Good for functional testing.)?

3,CNC machines can be used 24 hours a day continuously, only being turned off for maintenance.

4, CNC machining allows for high accuracy and excellent surface finish and/or details.

5, There are some precision jobs that can only be accomplished by CNC machines.