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Finish Options

SOMA provides a variety of excellent finishing options for parts; the following processes can add value by improving durability, aesthetics and performance:

  • Brushing – for aesthetically pleasing brushed metal surfaces. (Usually applied to aluminium or steel prior to anodizing/coating.)
  • Mirror Polishing – for ABS, PMMA, Aluminum, Brass, Stainless Steel and several other materials.
  • Anodizing – for Aluminum 6061 & 6063
  • Chrome plating, and chroming by vacuum deposition / chrome sputtering.
  • Blasting – for matt surface finish on metal or plastic components. Roughness can be adjusted by the grade of sand used.
  • Various heat treatments, nitriding, carburizing, passivation.
  • Powder Coat – for metal parts
  • Painting – 1K & 2K, gloss, matt and texture simulant.

For static display models and functional concept models, we provide exceptionally high levels of model construction and finishing; guaranteed to present your concept in the best light at shows, client presentations or market testing sessions.

Why Use SOMA Prototype ?

Fast Delivery: 3day for prototype, 14 days for rapid tooling
Consistent Quality: parts inspected prior shipment
Experienced PM Team: both engineering and English background
Competitive Price

We do what we say and we say what we do.

About SOMA Prototype

SOMA Prototype Manufacturing Ltd has been making rapid prototype and rapid tooling & injection molding for years.

We commit ourselves to helping customers to bring their concept to reality and promote the products to the market faster at better price.

Prototype and rapid tooling test is very important prior to production tool. From prototype making and then to prototype tool and injection molding, we better understand the project requirement and provide a good solution or design modification proposal to make the design more suitable for production. In many cases, due to the lack of manufacturing background, designers easily ignore the manufacturing feasibility and design parts that cannot be produced. SOMA prototype has a good quoting system to help customer. To enhance production performance, SOMA provides DFM ( design for manufacturing) before tool making. DFM is of a great help to reduce the cost and shorten the lead time.

Value Added Services

In addition to make low and medium volume plastic and metal parts, SOMA Prototype provide additional services to customers:


  • Full or Sub-Assembly
  • Related components Sourcing
  • PCB sourcing
  • Sheet Metal
  • Special Packaging